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The Power of Reasonable Micro Management

Caution is one thing, consistent protection of yourself is not exactly another, but almost. Micro management is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself and your life. Although it would seem hard, it actually makes things easier and more manageable. Think about it, laziness is being off guard and not being lazy is productive, proactive micromanagement, not paranoia as some would be apt to think. In my mind, safety is king, but complete safety is paranoia, that is where productive, proactive micro management comes in. Keeping things safe and running well, without needing to be paranoid after something happens that is scary or bad. Sure, bad things and scary things will still happen, but they are more manageable when you have the capacity to handle them right and with a calm mind.

In credit, identity theft is an example of what can happen that is scary or bad, but if you are prepared and can micro manage your recovery, all the better. But, if you can prevent anything from happening by being productively cautious and not paranoid, all the better.

My point is, productive caution and logical micro management is the playground of angels. Laziness is the playground of devils to take advantage of you. That is my biggest point because if you take things for granted or get careless even in small ways, things do happen and they are not good. Sure, you can recover from slips and falls. But do you really want to or is logical prevention the answer? I know logical preventive measures and micro management is the answer. If it was not, then we could all be lazy and have everything all the time. Even in the most deluded of minds, that would not work, realistically or unrealistically. Reality is the keyword here.

Reality, in an even cursory way tells us all that we must be at least somewhat cautious to make it through the obstacle course of life. The only thing that is not an obstacle course, and just a course of corpses that do not move is death, and what happens after active life is the real scrimmage that does not count. Credit can only genuinely happen for those that are living, breathing, thinking and in action.

In action, the living, working, not lazy person is right. The dead, lazy, gone in any way person is wrong, dead wrong. Think about it, that is the reality of the situation in every genuine sense, way and form. Even unlawful forms. My point is to get anything done, there has to be a certain amount of initiation and action, good or bad and for things to work properly, there at least must be cursory caution, let alone proper caution. In thought the rationally cautious person is right, the lazy person is genuinely wrong. That is the crux of the matter. In fact the core of all reasonable micro management is rationally and reasonably cautious, no more, no less.